Testimonial Meg Chavez

megI can’t tell you how much I love this soap!!! Some of my kids have eczema – not severe, but enough to drive them (and me!) crazy at times with all the itching, leaving them sleep deprived and irritable. We started using this soap from The Soap Cottage, and incredibly, within a few days, all of the kids stopped getting eczema! I was amazed, as we have tried many different soaps, creams and specialist doctors to try to help our kids get rid of this very annoying condition. Unfortunately, we ran out of the soap and didn’t replace it for some time. Guess what? The eczema returned! Since using this soap again, all of the itching has stopped! It truly is a miracle in my opinion and I will be making sure that I don’t run out again! This soap smells lovely and fresh, feels beautiful on your skin, and best of all, it has helped to get rid of the eczema and the itching for my precious kids. I would highly recommend this beautiful soap to anyone who has skin allergies or eczema and see if it works for you too! Do yourself a favour and buy some today! It’s worth every cent to purchase such a wonderful product!
Meg Chavez – Hornsby Heights

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