Natural Soap Logs

This is my natural soap log.  You can cut out 5-6 standard size bars or cut them into smaller portions and use them for children or as guest soaps.  I love the fact that I can cut whatever  size I want whenever I run out.  Now that I have used natural soap I could never go back to the store bought soap with all the chemicals, fragrances and unknown additives.  I just want soap.  No swirls or crazy colours, fluff, shavings and gimmicks.  Just pure soap.

natural soap log

What’s In A Natural Soap Log?

I was drawn into the wonderful world of natural oils such as olive, coconut and palm oil. These oils produce a very mild soap that feels gorgeous on the skin.  We also use sunflower and castor oil because of their special conditioning qualities and the silky, creamy lather they produce. A perfect baby’s soap and for anyone with sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema. It’s comforting to know exactly  what is going into each soap bar.

How Is A Soap Log Made?

Making soap is wonderful.  Im hooked.  Firstly I melt  the oils together.  Then I mix the oils with lye which transforms the oils into soap through a process called saponification.  I beat them together until thick and creamy and then cook the mixture using a slow cooker.  When I see that it looks like vaseline I pour it into moulds and let it set overnight.  The next day I hand cut them into either logs or bars.  I finish by pressing my stamp into each side  of the soaps.  I’m very proud of what I make.  I know its safe and pure for everyone to use.

natural soap log

Get More Out Of Your Natural Soap Log

You can cut a natural soap log into bars of any size making between 8 and 30 bars of soap. Perfect for smaller hands and for your guests.

Natural Guest Soap

You’ll get up to 30 guest soaps from a single soap log.